Trinitas Series - Warriors and Sumo wrestlers

Story behind ...

Heroes – warriors

Sherry cask  #5015
Three chapters: Ninja, Ronin, and Samurai
Each of these chapters numbers 90 bottles.

Volume: 700 ml
Strength: 57.8%

Sumo wrestlers

Sherry cask  #5016
Dived into three chapters: Chirichozu, Shiko, Gyoji
Each of these chapter numbers 90 bottles.
Volume: 700 ml
Strength: 58.1%
This is great liquid with collectible labels.



Story begins ….


That single malt was made by the three craftmen; Mr. Akuto, Mr. Shimazaki and Mr. Inoue. The name trinitas meaning trinity is an homage to the three gentlemen who made the blend possible. With few remaining whisky cask left from the silent distillery of Hanyu, one has been used as a base for Sanmi-Ittai, a blended malt expression.

About the distillery

distillery was owned by Toa-Shuzo in Saitama prefecture, north of Tokyo. It stopped distilling in 2000, and their stock was handed over to Ichiro Akuto, the grandson of the founder, who established a new company called Venture Whisky. The last remaining stocks of Hanyu whisky can sometimes be found in the market today, sold under the “Ichiro’s Malt” label.

Fall 2020 two casks #5015 and #5016 were bottled, creating six chapters that compose a unique collector's set.