Alfred Dubois-Lizée is a brand with almost two hundred years of history. It has always been associated with the Charente River valley and the unusual cognacs that are produced in this place. It invariably provides an unforgettable experience to lovers of French liquors and delights with its complexity.

Our symbol – our history Our logo comes from the first half of the 19th century and presents our history and our values. The symbol includes a wooden barrel which clearly shows what is our skill and our mission.

The goal of our brand is to create unique cognacs that will satisfy even the most demanding connoisseurs.

An integral part of the sign is also the figure of a young woman in a white dress, which is a symbol of purity.

On the other hand, on the fabric she is holding, there is a letter “V”, which is an abbreviation of the Latin word “veritas”, meaning truth. This is a guideline and a command to act given to us by our predecessors.

We must be honest in what we do and honest with our clients. The dress adorning the female figure represents the emipire style popular in Europe at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. It was part of the fascination with ancient Greek and Roman art. It is an element that shows the time when our brand was established.

Our trademark in this respect is enhanced by the number 1830, which is the year of the foundation of the Alfred Dubois-Lizée brand.

Alfred Dubois-Lizée

Despite its young age, it already has a unique, fresh and strong character. It is a blend of carefully selected distillates, selected from the best estates in the Cognac region.


Note: Strong fruity notes in harmony with fresh oak and complemented with a pleasant nut-vanilla aftertaste.

Recommendation: A great basis for drinks and a good companion for unforgettable events.

Alfred Dubois-Lizée

Elegant, fresh with a highly floral character. VSOP was composed of carefully selected 8-9 year old cognacs, made thanks to grapes from the limestone hills of Fins Bois.


Note: Elegant, flowery and mature character with notes of spices and vanilla.

Recommendation: Perfect with ice or as an ingredient in long drinks due to its fruity profile.

Alfred Dubois-Lizée

Ripe, distinguished and well built. It was created thanks to several long-maturing "Eaux-de-vie" from the best regions of the appellation: Grande Champagne (at least 50%) and Petite Champagne. It is clearly visible that he was building his unique profile in oak barrels without haste.


Note: Very refined in the nose. Extremely complex, with clearly palpable dried fruits that follow along with all the aromatic symphony of a vanilla trail. The finish is elegant and sublime.

Recommendation: No ice, no additives, no rush. Only good glass and a moment of peace.

Alfred Dubois-Lizée

Alfred Dubois-Lizée Extra has decades of history in a bottle. Carefully selected cognacs that have been harvested by several generations of professionals to create a unique drink in harmony.


Note: Well built and very mature cognac with a background marked with dried apricots and plums. A hint of walnut and spices adds strength and enriches the subtle finish full of the aroma of rancio - characteristic for mature cognacs.

Recommendation: A good companion of important moments in life as well as meetings and conversations with friends. It is best served without additives in a small tulip glass, which will allow you to fully release the richness of aromas.

Alfred Dubois-Lizée

Alfred Dubois-Lizée Hors d'Age is half a century of tradition, knowledge and experience in fluid. This liquor was composed using an average of 50-year-old cognacs, which proudly present the richness and possibilities of our brand.


Note: Cognac refined and very well built. A rich and complex nose of great finesse with clearly pronounced aromas of baked apple. In the mouth clean and harmonious with notes of vanilla. Finally, it leaves us with a pleasant, light, fruity aftertaste for a long time.

Recommendation: Good glass and a quiet moment to enjoy the rich bouquet of aromas without rush. A great addition to the most important moments or a way to show the utmost respect to our guests or business partners.