About us

The project is carried out by Lukasz Baranowski and his experienced team. Lukasz has launched many ultra-premium products in various markets like whisky, rum, cognac, watches, gold coins. All those are being sold worldwide with recognition of Guinness Records and many international quotations.

Our Brands

Cognac Alfred Dubois-Lizee
Alfred Dubois-Lizée is a brand with almost two hundred years of history. It has always been associated with the Charente River valley and the unusual cognacs that are produced in this place. A constantly unforgettable experience for lovers of French liquors and it delights with its complexity.
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Vodka J. Fuchs
In 1856 Julian Fuchs founded the Liqueur and Vodka Distillery and the arak factory under the company Fuhs et Comp. A distillery and a subscription retail store in Warsaw in W. Wołłowicz's house on the corner of Nowy Świat and Bracka Street. In its time, the Fuchs Distillery was the last in the country. The owner himself, as a qualified distiller, personally managed the plant and followed every step that took place in the field of alcohol rectification and preparation of vodkas, liqueurs, araks, etc. We believe that our work and passion are can revive this brand and its flavour, taste, recognition and fame!
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Ul Polish Premium Mead
Mead - Nectar of the gods. According to Viking legend, mead originated when two warring factions of gods signed a peace treaty and spit into a bowl to seal the agreement. The Feast of Immortality - the memoirs run deep down in Viking and Slavic blood!
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