Jack Tar

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About us

The project is carried out by Lukasz Baranowski and his experienced, and energetic team. Lukasz has launched many ultra-premium products in various markets like whisky, rum, congac, watches, and gold coins. All those have been selling worldwide with recognition of Guinness Records and many international quotations.

Our Projects

Since Jack Tar was launched, has created several projects:  Music! series which create 6 unique casks of heavy Trinidad Rum distilled at the Caroni distillery  – a closed Trinidadian distillery. Another three projects are exclusively whisky ones: vintage Single Cask Blended Malt Whisky from Japan, Glenlivet 1995, selected by La Maison du Whisky for China, and Aberlour 1999, selected by La Maison du Whisky for Poland. The most recent released project is again rum from the Caroni distillery – this release begins a whole series dedicated to Cosmos: La Lune et Le Soleil!

La Lune et Le Soleil

Cosmic! Series Two single casks no. 60 and 84 of Trinidad Rum distilled at the Caroni distillery in 1997 were bottled in March 2021. This time we set out to a cosmic journey. It begins with Sun and Moon. The two celestial bodies since the time began, have been powerful symbols that ruled human life.

Music! Series 1st release

Music! is a spirit that integrates two worlds we love: one, the archipelago of excellent rums and two, the sound of the music from Caribbean Sea. This union has been expressed in two batches: one: Parang, Soca, Calypso, and two: Rapso, Burrokeet and Chutney.

Music! Series 2nd release

The whole gamut that gives an insight into Trinidadian history, culture - life. Caroni distillery has been a closed rum distillery since 2000s. Only after its mothball, Caroni rum began to be sought worldwide and loved by rum collectors.

Aberlour 1999 - Single Cask Selection

This Edition is the result of cooperation with La Maison du Whisky that, not only selected the barrel, but also dedicated it exclusively for Poland. Limited Edition of 156 bottles may become another collector's item.

Trinitas - Japanese heroes and sumo wrestlers

Two casks that are divided into six chapters create a unique collection of Japanese history, and culture. This outstanding release, bottled from cask #5015, and #5016 showcases an elegant warriors and wrestlers that will create an aura of strength and dynamics to your top shelf. Each of the bottlings in the Trinitas Series pays homage to blender Shimzaki, blender Inoue and former Hanyu president Mr. Akuto.

The Glenlivet 1995 - Single Cask Selection

This Edition coped the start of cooperation with LMDW. Limited 150 bottles was allocated and dedicated to China. The product was bottled in November 2020. Also, it was entirely sold for China market. This is a unique pearl from La Maison du Whisky and Pernod Ricard Europe as exclusive bottling distillery.



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